Interactive Campus Map

At Cheshire Academy, we are always trying to figure out ways our website can make it easier for international families to get a feel for our amazing 104-acre campus. After seeing interactive maps on other school websites (specifically Quinnipiac University’s website), our Director of Admission found room in the budget to implement a professionally designed interactive […]

Bleu Ribbon Catering Website Launch

When a collection of talented chefs were looking to launch their catering collaborative in Florida, they already had a beautiful, French inspired logo. I fell in love with the concept immediately and began working with Chef Ghazal on his company’s main target audience and goals for success. We determined that getting website visitors to inquire […]

Holiday .Gifs

[col2 width=”50″] I *love* .gifs. Why? Because they move in email marketing, of course! While video content remains static in inboxes, .gifs move around (depending on the mail client), which means that my holiday emails get a little bit of pop. I believe in creating emails that delight and surprise, which is exactly why a .gif […]

Dry Clean Lockers Website Design + Copy

[col2 width=”50″]In this fun project, the goal was to design a beautiful, responsive website for Impressive Cleaners of Colorado’s satellite company, Dry Clean Lockers, which offers unattended locker stations for pick up and drop off of dry cleaning, wash and fold, and shoe shine orders. While I’ve worked on many DropLocker licensee websites, on the […]

Campus Drone Footage

[col2 width=”50″] In the fall of 2015, I managed outside vendors and internal campus resources to produce three videos and several photos utilizing a drone. The goal of the project was to showcase Cheshire Academy’s 104-acre campus, especially for prospective student applicants who are unable to visit the campus in person. An additional purpose was […]

1794: Magazine Website Launch

[col2 width=”50″] The digital website for 1794, the Magazine of Cheshire Academy, was a true labor of love. As the first website I designed and built without a team of developers (besides my own), it holds a fond place in my heart. When the Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications suggested that we publish a […]

Cheshire Academy Admission Workflow

[col2 width=”50″]This exciting project was Cheshire Academy’s first foray into workflow nurturing; an entire digital strategy to support the Academy’s business goals went into this project, which ended up encompassing 24 emails sent over the course of nine months in a time-based MailChimp email workflow. Operating in the set-it and forget-it mentality, I put together […]

K-State First GPS Manual

[col2 width=”50″]In 2012 I had the opportunity to work with one of my favorite student services programs, Guide to Personal Success (GPS), on their new program manual for faculty mentors. GPS is one of several programs within K-State First, an initiative to increase first-year student retention on campus. GPS pairs students with faculty mentors, who “guide” […]