When a collection of talented chefs were looking to launch their catering collaborative in Florida, they already had a beautiful, French inspired logo. I fell in love with the concept immediately and began working with Chef Ghazal on his company’s main target audience and goals for success. We determined that getting website visitors to inquire was the most important conversion rate, so I worked with designer and developer Zach Mitchell to create a website that would convert traffic.

The digital strategy for this website was to drive visitors to complete the inquiry form at the bottom of the site. Using a one page, scrollspy design with a sticky level one menu, we ensured visitors got just a taste of the flavor of Bleu Ribbon before needing to inquire for more information.

Another interesting aspect of this website was the company’s food focus: rather than specializing in one type of food, the team was comprised of chefs specializing in dishes from New Orleans to Europe. I wrote the content to reflect this range by creating a menu sample with multiple languages represented.