About Me

I’m a digital product manager and mom of two living on the southern coast in Connecticut. I’m passionate about making beautiful, seamless experiences for people. Early in my career as a general marketer, I felt drawn to software that brings user data and information together and streamlines processes. 

In 2012 I led marketing for a NYC technology-enabled consumer services start up. In addition to general marketing tasks, I spoke with customers and viewed their order via the custom CRM. This CRM was so powerful; we could see the last time our hardware was interacted with and by whom. Every interaction with the customer, from email to order scan, was logged. 

After moving on to a Connecticut independent school, Cheshire Academy, I sourced a similar software, Hubspot, to track users along our marketing and sales funnels. I set up all our personas, funnels, drip campaigns, and worked with sales to align their process in HubSpot so that we could also see all passive and active interactions with prospects.

Now, in 2023, I set the roadmap for the developers who build custom technology like I used in my early career. I partner across teams to build the features and experiences that matter to our end users. I am so thankful to be working with exceptionally talented people, dreaming up and building functional products every day.

every day


In my spare time, I volunteer as the Community Nursery School board president. I also enjoy reading– fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi, specifically. You can find me on GoodReads.

I love spending time with my family, especially exploring the nearby ocean and trails, or hitting up our small-town events.

Because I spend my work day in front of a computer or in meetings, I like to spend my spare time working with my hands, making things with beauty & utility. Carpentry, home DIY projects, gardening, and watercolor painting are all activities I turn to after work.