I am often asked how I entered my field. The truth is that I began my career journey with a local business one summer just as I was about to turn 16. The position started with filing (which my organization-loving brain truly enjoyed) and ended with me sitting upstairs creating java presentations for clients and updating the website using the CMS. 

After earning my B.A. in English from the University of Connecticut, I went on to graduate school at Kansas State University where I specialized in Rhetoric and Composition. There I learned how to tailor communication to specific audiences and craft convincing arguments, two tools that I use every day. 

I am now so lucky in that I get to combine two of my passions every day: technology and communication. My favorite projects include finding ways to use technology to create efficiencies in communication, such as automating workflows or setting up triggers within databases. While I occasionally do my own design work using Photoshop or (much more rarely, inDesign), I prefer working with designers and developers to bring to life a client’s vision or solve a measurable problem.

I tend to see my work as project management: coordinating multiple stakeholders to achieve a specific goal with a defined timeline. Whether that’s launching a new digital product, like a micro-website, or creating a suite of campaign items, I’m here to make recommendations based on digital marketing trends and best practices, ensure everyone involved completes their deliverables on time, and present a product that both delights and surprises!


My personal life informs my work, and so I make every effort to create balance. I love nothing more than when clients become friends, and that journey can start here! I am a new wife and the proud puppy-parent of a 3 year old Shiba-Labrador mix named Everest

Our small family recently moved to a home built in 1929, and we’ve been keeping up with all the building, painting, and gardening that such a move entails. From creating corner cabinet built-ins to custom radiator covers, we’ve found real joy in learning new skills and solving different challenges (even if it can be more than a little frustrating!).

I also enjoy cooking, taking pictures of my photo-phobic dog + husband, & visiting locally owned businesses and restaurants (Yelp Elite 2015 & 2016 represent!).

As an English major, I read novels as often as I can, and you can find my recently read books and reviews on Goodreads.