Caitlin V. Garzi

digital product manager

Hello & welcome! I’m a digital product manager with many years of experience in education, IT management, health care, & consumer services. 

I specialize in complex analytics products, products that involve cross-database design, and iOS and Android task and communications mobile app products. 

My focus is always on improving the end-user experience through listening to the voice of the customer, working their feedback into a long-term vision for a cohesive product suite. 

Please use this website to contact me if you have any questions.

Features Users Love

When creating product roadmaps, my guide is the voice of the user. I listen to understand, then work with our architects to plan for the best possible solution that simplifies experiences.

Aligned to a single vision

There’s some things we can all agree on. When it comes to building beautiful, simple experiences people love, that’s when partnership happens.

Marketing analytics

Products that bring data for marketing and communicators together across channels to inform communications planning and improve end user experiences (using ML, NLP, and AI).

I am not currently accepting new projects. I have a list of trusted partner vendors available if you are in need of design, content writing, SEO, website building, or inbound marketing strategy work.