Yes, republishing content still hurts your SEO efforts

If you’re like me, you may have seen “expert” articles popping up decrying the long-held assumption that reposting duplicate content hurts search engine rankings. While it’s true that Google’s algorithm doesn’t hold duplicate content too high in its list of practices that negatively impact search engine rankings, duplicate content does hurt your SEO efforts. Think […]

Google Analytics Basics on Inpsired SM

When it comes to Google Analytics, plenty of small businesses and schools aren’t sure where (or how) to get started– or why using Google Analytics is even worth it in the first place.  That’s why when Liza from Inspired School Marketers asked me what I would want to write about, I thought “A Beginners Guide […]

Long Tail Keywords on Inspired SM

One of my favorite things about SEO (search engine optimization) is long tail keywords. There’s something absolutely magical about helping a user find exactly what they’re looking for right at their moment of need. Heck– I certainly appreciate good search engine optimization when searching for something as simple as wallpaper! However, long tail keywords are also […]