I’m Huckleberry Website Launch

The I am Huckleberry website launch asked for bold, powerful content that would mesh with the company’s edgy origin story. On this project, I partnered with Zach Mitchell for web development and graphics.

InspirED School Marketers Blog Posts

I occasionally blog for Inspired School Marketers, a new platform to share ideas with communications professionals working for private schools. I’ve written about digital marketing and SEO, with more to come. Read the posts below: How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy That Supports Your Admission Office A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics for Private Schools

Women in Politics Symposium – Article

As part of my involvement with the Coleman Group, I attended their Women in Politics symposium in October of 2014 and wrote a news story recapping the event for the Academy’s website.   It was a wonderful event that kept the Academy’s female student at the edge of their seats, excited to hear what these […]

LockerGenie | Website Launch

In October of 2014 I worked with LockerGenie to launch their locker based laundry and dry cleaning company in Orlando, FL.  In partnership with Zach, the web designer, I wrote all of the content and mapped the pages, providing these documents to Zach to design and launch the site: http://lockergenie.com/

Cheshire Academy | Website Redesign

I joined Cheshire Academy, an independent school for grades 8-12 & postgraduate, in February 2014 in the middle of a a global re-branding and marketing strategy to position the Academy as “The Student-Centered School.” Working within the CMS & LMS– both on the Whipple Hill platform– we launched an initiative to focus the external website to the primary […]

DashLocker | Website Redesign

I worked with DashLocker in January of 2013 to redesign the entire website to foreground the shift from retail to in-building amenity services. In addition to managing asset production in terms of video shoots, photo shoots, and graphic design work, I wrote the content for the website and organized the site map.

Zoom Locker | Website Launch

Zoom Locker opened their doors in Miami, FL on November 1, 2013 along with a brand new website with content written and edited by me! Through a partnership with Zack Mitchell, who designed and coded the site on WordPress, we put together a fabulous web project that is both beautiful and informative. My responsibilities included […]

DashLocker | Employee Manual

One of the best parts about working with DashLocker was becoming fully versed in the logistical software product, DropLocker, that was both our customer relationship manager (CRM) and our order tracking system. This knowledge has led to many fulfilling partnerships with DropLocker licensees across the country. Before leaving DashLocker, however, I knew it was important […]

Linen Locker | Web Content

I worked with Dave of All Star Laundry, Sarasota’s premier linen laundering service, on the website for his new locker venture, Linen Locker. Since Linen Locker had the credibility of an eleven-year-old laundering company behind it, I wove plenty of information about the dry cleaning process and All Star Laundry into the copy. Here’s a […]

K-State First | GPS Manual

In 2012 I had the opportunity to work with one of my favorite student services programs, Guide to Personal Success, on their new program manual for faculty mentors. Since all faculty members were volunteers with higher degrees and busy schedules, the goal was to create easy, fun, professional copy with plenty of redundancy for easy […]

Book Country Interview

Every now and then I get a special opportunity to contribute to an exciting cause, and in December of 2013 I was interviewed by the good people of Book Country about my experiences writing for NaNoWriMo and how my degree in Composition and Rhetoric influences my fiction writing. The full piece can be found here.