I’m Huckleberry Website Launch

The I am Huckleberry website launch asked for bold, powerful content that would mesh with the company’s edgy origin story. On this project, I partnered with Zach Mitchell for web development and graphics.

1794 Website Launch

1794 is meant to be the digital companion to Cheshire Academy’s magazine, which is published three times a year. That means the homepage will change three times a year, as well, cycling through new content and archiving older content. The internal pages were modeled after the New York Times, with bold, full-width header images and […]

Long Tail Keywords on Inspired SM

One of my favorite things about SEO (search engine optimization) is long tail keywords. There’s something absolutely magical about helping a user find exactly what they’re looking for right at their moment of need. Heck– I certainly appreciate good search engine optimization when searching for something as simple as wallpaper! However, long tail keywords are also […]

InspirED School Marketers Blog Posts

I occasionally blog for Inspired School Marketers, a new platform to share ideas with communications professionals working for private schools. I’ve written about digital marketing and SEO, with more to come. Read the posts below: How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy That Supports Your Admission Office A Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics for Private Schools

Women in Politics Symposium – Article

As part of my involvement with the Coleman Group, I attended their Women in Politics symposium in October of 2014 and wrote a news story recapping the event for the Academy’s website.   It was a wonderful event that kept the Academy’s female student at the edge of their seats, excited to hear what these […]

Cheshire Academy – Development Graphics

This year for National Philanthropy Day and #Giving Tuesday I put together some graphics for Cheshire Academy’s Director of Development. Taking some favorite quotes related to giving, I turned them into beautiful typography overlaying shots of campus and branded with the Academy’s logo.

LockerGenie | Website Launch

In October of 2014 I worked with LockerGenie to launch their locker based laundry and dry cleaning company in Orlando, FL.  In partnership with Zach, the web designer, I wrote all of the content and mapped the pages, providing these documents to Zach to design and launch the site: http://lockergenie.com/

Cheshire Academy | Website Redesign

I joined Cheshire Academy, an independent school for grades 8-12 & postgraduate, in February 2014 in the middle of a a global re-branding and marketing strategy to position the Academy as “The Student-Centered School.” Working within the CMS & LMS– both on the Whipple Hill platform– we launched an initiative to focus the external website to the primary […]

DashLocker | B2B Holiday Card

I have a deep seated obsession with packaging and paper products– specifically invitations and gift cards. That’s probably part of the reason why Christmas is my favorite season– you guessed it! Christmas cards! It’s also why I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to make and distribute beautiful cards for work. Though I create many […]

DashLocker | Informational Doorhanger

I created this exciting door hanger in the summer of 2013 with a primary audience of DashLocker B2C customers. The goal was to drive customers to place an order online and sign up for the website using a clear call to action and a coupon. The door hanger also needed to explain how to service worked because […]

Zoom Locker | Email Alerts

I had the opportunity to work with the recently launched Zoom Locker, a Miami based locker logistics provider, on their email triggers. I used merge values, HTML templates from Campaign Monitor, and funny, zippy text to create beautiful and functional emails. There are over 20 emails set to trigger at different points in the customer […]