CASE Summer Institute of Communications and Marketing

As one of the SimpsonScarborough Scholarship award winners, the scholarship generously covered my admission to the CASE Summer Institute of Communications and Marketing, a week-long conference dedicated to issues in communication and marketing for independent K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. The institute offered four deep-dive tracks in addition to the general sessions. I signed up for the […]

One Month With Hubspot

When I first got into marketing in 2010, Hubspot’s blog was my go-to for research about how to do… anything! From landing pages to web design, they had easy to read articles that helped shape my marketing philosophy. As I gained experience in marketing, their entry-level blog posts weren’t always useful for me; however, their […]

Project Management Advice [Podcast]

Hi y’all! I was recently interviewed via Podcast by Liza Norman from Inspired School Marketers about project management. One of my key roles at CA is to manage special projects, such as website launches, video projects, etc. You can listen to the podcast here to find out some of my advice about how to manage a […]

Yes, republishing content still hurts your SEO efforts

If you’re like me, you may have seen “expert” articles popping up decrying the long-held assumption that reposting duplicate content hurts search engine rankings. While it’s true that Google’s algorithm doesn’t hold duplicate content too high in its list of practices that negatively impact search engine rankings, duplicate content does hurt your SEO efforts. Think […]

Google Analytics Basics on Inpsired SM

When it comes to Google Analytics, plenty of small businesses and schools aren’t sure where (or how) to get started– or why using Google Analytics is even worth it in the first place.  That’s why when Liza from Inspired School Marketers asked me what I would want to write about, I thought “A Beginners Guide […]

Why Email Marketing is like Gumbo

A successful email marketing strategy is a bit like gumbo: many different ingredients come together to make something wonderful. A true email marketing strategy combines many different types of emails to create a variety of touches that surprise and delight constituents. For example, below is an example of a series of emails I might send a […]

Managing a Website Launch on Inspired SM

Interested in what it takes to manage a website launch on time and on budget? I recently guest wrote a blog for Inspired School Marketers with six of my time-honored tips for managing a new web project to completion. From working with developers to getting stakeholder approvals, everything matters when it comes to launching a […]

3 Tips for Writing a Successful Email Newsletter

While my favorite kinds of campaigns to create are email drips or workflows, I definitely understand the value of a good newsletter. However, a newsletter has to be just that—good—for your company to derive any value from it. In fact, a poorly executed newsletter can actually harm your company. So, how do you create a successful […]

Campus Map

As the project manager for the interactive campus map, I worked with Campus Bird to implement this map on our website.

Thanksgiving Gif

I made this fun rolling pie for a Thanksgiving email sent to Cheshire Academy constituents using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

Halloween Gif

I created this creepy little .gif for Cheshire Academy’s Halloween email marketing.